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Guide to Hanoi Street Photography

The Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, is perfect for exploring and practicing street photography, especially in the Old Quarter. This area showcases a fascinating blend of Vietnamese and Western architectural styles. You'll encounter numerous small shops and street vendors sporting traditional Vietnamese conical hats. Witness artisans displaying their crafts either in open doorways or right on the streets, providing excellent subjects for street photography.

I've ventured into the Old Quarter multiple times in the mornings and never returned without a satisfying picture. My usual route starts at St. Joseph Cathedral, then meanders through the neighbourhood toward Hoan Lake. I always hope to capture locals engaging in morning exercises or meditation, a common sight among Hanoi residents. Similar scenes can be found near the larger Ho Tay lake. Heading north from this lake reveals a wealth of captivating buildings and streets, particularly along P. Dinh Liet street, where you'll discover compelling compositions.

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In the beginning of 2024, we spent over 4 months traveling around Vietnam. By staying longer in Vietnam, we were able to visit places off the beaten path, where regular tourists don't usually go, and create comprehensive guides for you to plan your travels.



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