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E-Book Guide

We spent 2 years searching for the most incredible locations in Madeira. Mapping out these places and gathering information about Madeira took us a long time and much effort, but now we're glad to share the results of our hard work with you. 

This guide goes beyond photography locations, offering valuable insights for planning your trip to Madeira. It includes recommendations on the best places to stay, a month-by-month weather guide, airline connections, festivals, local cuisine, a digital nomad guidebook, and top attractions and activities.


Additionally, you'll find our curated services and detailed 5-day and 7-day itineraries for travellers and a photographers itinerary to help you plan the perfect trip to Madeira!

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There's a lot to unpack!


Recommended Restaurants

Best tested local food in every corner of the island


Points of Interest

Intuitively linked with Google Maps


Best Hikes and Levadas

With detailed description and photos


(E-Book) Madeira for Photographers and Travellers

"Your book is terrific! Much better than the other guide I bought. Thank you! One of the main reasons to purchase your book is to travel efficiently and avoid unnecessary hikes, especially the PR1 hike. 

Your book is highly beneficial: it provides precisely the information I am looking for, and they are more difficult to find or require much effort to find from the web. Personally, if a book can save me on photo shoot session time, it will be worth everything I paid."

David, USA



This guide features detailed descriptions, exact locations, and photographs of over 100 points of interest on Madeira. It covers not only the most famous and popular sights but also some hidden gems we discovered along the way.

Our e-book features dedicated chapters for Madeira's most picturesque locations, such as Fanal Forest and Pico do Arieiro. Each chapter provides detailed information on preparation, scouting, and exact locations of photo spots, viewpoints, and points of interest. While some locations require a bit of effort to reach, many are just a few steps from your car. This guide is an invaluable resource for planning your trip to Madeira and exploring the island's incredible photography potential.


Experience Madeira's Trails

We've selected the 12 most interesting and unique mountain trails and levadas that you can explore on your own, without the need to hire a guide or join a tour. Our e-book includes detailed information, tips, and comprehensive descriptions of each trail, complete with photos and links to our YouTube videos so you can preview the challenges ahead.

Our TOP Recommendations

Picture the World is the most comprehensive source of information about Madeira. We have personally tested several services and tours, curating a list of only the most worthwhile recommendations. We do not earn from promoting these services, and the companies are unaware that, after extensive research, we have identified them as the best tour operators on the island.

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