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What does it take to capture a great photograph? Are photographers born with a natural talent for composing images, or is it a skill they learn over time? What should photographers focus on in the field? You'll find answers to these and other questions in our free e-book, How to Take Better Pictures. In this book, we step back and analyse the process and decision-making involved in photography.


We share some of the best advice for aspiring photographers to improve their craft, along with real stories behind our photographs. We explain how our strategies have led to the results we aimed for. This book is a valuable read for photographers of all levels because as we improve, the basics become instinctive and we may overlook them.


In How to Take Better Pictures, we revisit the basics and explain how to train your eyes and mind to achieve the results you want. This isn't an encyclopedia or an ultimate guide on fixing your photos. Instead, we aim to shift your focus and draw attention to the elements that matter most, which you might overlook when overwhelmed by the action.


Good photographs aren't a matter of luck; they're the result of good planning and execution.

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