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Angles Waterfall on Madeira - Quick Guide (Cascata dos Anjos)

Angels Waterfall on Madeira Island
Angels Waterfall on Madeira Island

Not without reason, the Waterfall of Angels has become one of the most visited waterfalls on Madeira. I must admit, it's quite unique to see a cascade of water dropping directly onto the road, and even rarer to witness people driving their cars underneath for a free car wash. In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about the Angels Waterfall on Madeira.

How to get to Angels Waterfall

Getting to Angels Waterfall is pretty straightforward. The waterfall is located in Ponta do Sol, just about a 35-minute drive from Funchal, mostly along the highway. The road is not challenging or scary, so you don't require any special driving skills to get there. Simply type "Cascata dos Anjos" into Google Maps, and the map will guide you there.

You can park your car on the side of the road, just before the waterfall or even drive underneath if seeing it from the car is enough for you. The waterfall is located on a closed road, so the traffic there is limited to only tourists.

If you have more time to spare, I recommend parking your car in one of the old tunnels in the town of Ponta do Sol and walking 15 minutes to the waterfall. On your way, you'll be able to see another viewpoint with an old bridge.

You can drive this road in both directions, and it's not closed from either side.

What to expect of Angels Waterfall

Seeing a waterfall from so close or driving underneath is a very unique experience, so I'm sure you'll enjoy visiting this location. Angels Waterfall has become a symbol of Madeira, and many visitors who come to the island plan to visit this waterfall. Because of that, you can expect to always see some other tourists on the location, especially during sunset when the light for photography is the best.

The waterfalls on Madeira tend to dry out a bit during the summer months and get stronger after rain.

Angels Waterfall on Madeira
Angels Waterfall on Madeira Island

Locations Nearby Angels Waterfall

If you're planning to visit Angels Waterfall, you should definitely combine it with a visit to Ponta do Sol. This little town is a great location for a relaxing walk or a refreshing dip in the ocean. There are also a few good restaurants there, so you could try the local food, like the Black Scabbard Fish Picado.

On your way back to Funchal, you can stop by Cabo Girao, which is one of the highest cliffs in the world and one of the TOP viewpoints on Madeira.

Ponta do Sol, Madeira
Sunset at Ponta do Sol, Madeira

My Experience at Angels Waterfall

Seeing the Waterfall of Angels for the first time was a very memorable experience for me, but it's not a place where I'd return a few times. Although this waterfall is one of the most popular on Madeira, there are other waterfalls on the island that made a better impression on me.

It's important to mention that there were some incidents in the past at this waterfall, including the death of a tourist. Streams of water often carry rocks or branches that later fall from the waterfall. So, it's never safe to stand under the stream of water for too long. The road where the cascade drops is very slippery, so be careful not to lose your balance or even fall off the road, which has happened before and didn't end well.

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