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15 Most Beautiful Viewpoints on Madeira

Madeira, an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, is a hidden gem for those seeking breathtaking natural beauty. The incredible and diverse views that this Portuguese territory offers are unlike any other place in the world. What makes Madeira's viewpoints truly unique is not only the stunning landscapes they present but also their accessibility. Most of these viewpoints are just a few steps away from where you park your car, making it incredibly easy for visitors to soak in the breathtaking views. Here, we will explore the TOP most beautiful viewpoints on Madeira that you can't afford to miss.

Ninho da Manta Viewpoint on Madeira

The Ninho da Manta viewpoint is very close to the start of the Vereda do Areeiro (PR1) hiking trail, which is famous in Madeira. It's a must-stop for both hikers heading to Madeira's highest peak and visitors to Pico do Areeiro. From here, you can see São Roque do Faial, Fajã da Nogueira valley and also a big part of Madeira's central mountain range. The view is dominated by tall rock formations that often stick out above the clouds. After taking in the scenery at the Ninho da Manta viewpoint, you can also explore the trail that connects Pico do Areeiro (1818 m) to Pico Ruivo (1862 m).

To get to this viewpoint, you'll have to hike for about 15 minutes from the Pico do Arieiro parking lot, where you can leave your car for free for 1 hour.


Bica da Cana Viewpoint on Madeira

This viewpoint is gaining popularity among travelers to Madeira, so the days of enjoying it all to yourself at sunrise are behind us. Located at an altitude of 1580 meters, it offers a sweeping view of the São Vicente valley, celebrated for its lush Laurissilva forest. It's a perfect stop to pair with a visit to Fanal Forest, a highly popular natural attraction on Madeira. You can park your car by the road near a camping site and take a short 5-minute uphill walk to reach the viewpoint.

Ponta da Ladeira Viewpoint on Madeira

This is my favourite and perhaps the most stunning sunset spot on Madeira. It's situated in the parish of Porto Moniz, making it a perfect complement to a visit to the natural swimming pools in Porto Moniz or a stop after returning from Achadas Da Cruz. From this viewpoint, you can also catch a glimpse of Achadas Da Cruz and Fajã da Quebrada Nova.

This may be one of the last remaining natural viewpoints on the island. Apart from a small parking area, there isn't any infrastructure here. What also makes this place a bit dangerous for those who don't pay enough attention or aren't comfortable with open spaces.

While it's relatively easy to locate this spot on Google, finding your way to the viewpoint from there can be a bit tricky. The walk is short, just a few minutes, but it's easy to miss, as we've witnessed with many tourists trying to find this hidden gem.

Guindaste - Crane Viewpoint on Madeira

Situated on one of the hills near Foz da Ribeira do Faial in Santana, the Guindaste viewpoint provides a stunning view of Madeira's northern coast. It's the perfect spot to admire the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds the island. From the Guindaste viewpoint, you can take in a complete panoramic view of Madeira's northern coast, stretching from Faial to the eastern tip of the island, known as Ponta de São Lourenço. You'll also spot the impressive Penha d'Águia rock formation. On days when the visibility is excellent, you can even catch a glimpse of Porto Santo Island to the northeast from this viewpoint.

There's a small parking on the sight from which you can reach the newly builded glass balcony and also the natural viewpoint on top of the cliff.

Miradouro do Pico Redondo Viewpoint on Madeira

This viewpoint is found along the road to Achada da Texera, where you start the trail to Pico Ruivo. It's not very well-known, so you won't encounter many people there.

The rocky stairs leading to the viewpoint are quite special, giving you the sense of journeying to an ancient temple. From the summit, you can enjoy a fantastic view of Santana. It's a must-see spot if you're on your way to Pico Ruivo.

Miradouro do Paredão Viewpoint on Madeira

A very interesting viewpoint overlooks Funchal and southern Madeira, along with the main mountain range on the opposite side. You can visit it on your way to Pico do Arieiro. There are two viewpoints in this location with the same name. The one in our picture is situated above the other one.

Cabanas Viewpoint on Madeira

The Cabanas Viewpoint offers a wonderful views of Arco de São Jorge and the Atlantic Ocean. You can find this viewpoint located between São Jorge and Arco de São Jorge. You can park the car on the side of the road. There's not too much more to do in this location, besides admiring the stunning landscape, but that's why you came to Madeira, right?

Balcoes Viewpoint on Madeira

This is one of the most special viewpoints in Madeira. Getting here requires a bit of effort, but it's worth it. The 1.5 - kilometre hike isn't too tiring, and the sense of accomplishment makes it even more enjoyable. From this balcony, you can see a beautiful green valley with Madeira’s highest mountains in the back. It's a great spot for bid watching too!

Miradouro São Cristovão on Madeira

This is a scenic viewpoint in Boa Ventura. Unlikely to all other viewpoints from the list, it's private and open only to guests of the restaurant next to it from which it takes its name. You can easily find this place on Google maps. There's a large parking in front of this restaurant. This place is not only a spot to visit for the views, but also to stop for some great coffee and food.

Cabo Girão Viewpoint on Madeira

Cabo Girão viewpoint, known for its famous glass walkway called the skywalk, is now one of the most popular and photographed tourist spots in the archipelago. From the Cabo Girão viewpoint, you get a special view of the cities of Câmara de Lobos and Funchal. Cabo Girão stands at 580 meters in height, making it the tallest cliff in Europe. To access the viewpoint, you have to pay a small fee. Similar to other attractions of this scale, around there are plenty of parking spaces and souvenir shops.

Boca do Risco

This viewpoint sits along the renowned coastal trail called Vereda do Larano. It's definitely the finest spot to catch sight of along this trail. To reach it, you'll need to hike for around 5 kilometers from either Porto da Cruz or Machico. However, if you're keen on a rewarding hike with breathtaking views, this is the spot for you!

Pináculo Viewpoint on Madeira

Located 283 meters above sea level, the Pináculo Viewpoint offers an ideal view point for observing the calm ocean surrounding Madeira's southern coast. From this spot, you can closely admire the shape of Funchal bay and take in the view of this coastal city extending up the hillside. This viewpoint is just on the side of the road. There's some small space next to the viewpoint, where you can park your car. In my opinion, this is the best viewpoint overlooking Funchal, especially at sunset.

Ponta do Rosto Viewpoint on Madeira

This viewpoint is undeniably one of the most stunning spots across the entire island. It's perched on the Ponta do Sao Lourenco peninsula, celebrated for its rugged coastline. From this vantage point, you can enjoy a view of the northern side of the peninsula, but what's equally breathtaking is the panorama on the opposite side, where you'll witness a unique perspective with both the northern and southern sides of Madeira right before your eyes. This place is a photography paradise, evident from the countless couples having their wedding photoshoots here nearly every day.

Even though it's a highly popular spot, finding a parking space is usually hassle-free, and I've never had any issues leaving my car here. You might even spot some food trucks around, where you can grab a coffee and a snack. While you're here, consider embarking on a hike along the PR8 trail that meanders through the Ponta do Sao Lourenco. You can check out our video about this trail on YouTube

Ponta do Pargo Viewpoint on Madeira

Ponta do Pargo Viewpoint is a captivating spot located on the western tip of Madeira, known for its stunning landscapes and mesmerising views. From this viewpoint, visitors are treated to a panoramic vista of the vast Atlantic Ocean extending as far as the eye can see. The crashing waves against the rugged cliffs create a dramatic and awe-inspiring scene.

One of the most distinctive features of Ponta do Pargo Viewpoint is the view of the Ponta do Pargo lighthouse, a historic beacon that stands proudly at the edge of the island. This lighthouse not only adds to the charm of the viewpoint but also serves as a symbol of safety for sailors navigating these waters. This is also is a popular meeting spot for tourists and also locals for watching the sunset after a long day of traveling around the island.

Eira do Serrado Viewpoint

Situated at 1095 meters above sea level, the Eira do Serrado viewpoint provides a clear view of the Curral das Freiras - Nuns Valley.

Top Viewpoints on Madeira

Madeira's abundance of viewpoints is a testament to the island's natural splendor. While these 10 viewpoints offer remarkable vistas, there are many more to discover throughout Madeira. So, pack your bags, embark on this journey, and let Madeira's stunning landscapes leave you in awe. Whether you are a nature lover, a photography enthusiast, or simply looking for a peaceful escape, Madeira's viewpoints are sure to captivate your heart and provide memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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Madeira is such an amazing place to visit, and we still can't believe we've been able to call it home for the past two years. During our stay, we explored all the best spots on the island and tried all the most exciting activities, many of them more than once! This helped us create these comprehensive guides that will help you plan your own trip to Madeira.



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