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Madeira TOP-10 Waterfalls

Discover the top 10 waterfalls on Madeira and embark on an adventure through dense forests and long, dark tunnels to the source of Madeira's levadas. Plan your perfect trip now with our comprehensive guide to Madeira Waterfalls!

Madeira is a wonderful place for adventure seekers. We spent the last two years there, exploring the hidden gems of the island every day. There are dozens of incredible waterfalls to see on Madeira, and in this article, we'll show you the top 10 waterfalls so you can visit them on your own during your next trip!

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When's the best time to see waterfalls on Madeira

The waterfalls on Madeira tend to dry out during the summer months. Some of them can completely disappear, and even the biggest ones can become very weak and barely visible. The best time to see Madeira's waterfalls at their best would be the second part of the winter season. By December, the waterfalls start getting stronger, and some of them can become really powerful after just a few rainy days. You'll surely see the most of Madeira's waterfalls if you visit the island between February and April. However, this doesn't mean you won't see any waterfalls if you decide to come in spring or summer, as even one rainy day can bring them to life.

TOP-10 Waterfalls on Madeira

Chasing waterfalls might be one of the best things to do on Madeira. You can follow the incredible levada trails up to their source, which very often is an impressive waterfall. Levadas are irrigation canals that transport water to the drier parts of the island. Along the canals, you'll find hiking paths that can take you on an adventure through dense forests and long, dark tunnels. Levada Walks are a real adventure!

Salto do Patagarro Waterfall on Madeira

Madeira is an island full of surprises, and some of its greatest gems are still well hidden, waiting for only the most dedicated travelers to discover them with their own eyes. One such marvel is the spectacular three-level cascade waterfall known as Salto do Patagarro. Tucked away far from civilisation, reaching it involves a real Indiana Jones-like adventure.

If you're planning to embark on this journey, be aware that it's not for everyone. There's no established route, so you must navigate based solely on guesswork. However, there's little chance of getting lost, as the path winds through a narrow valley with no alternative routes. Still, without a designated trail, the hike is quite challenging, particularly on rainy days, and we recommend it only for experienced hikers.

Rabo do Burro waterfall on Madeira

The name of this waterfall translates to "Donkey's Tail," and after seeing it, I can clearly understand why. Rabo do Burro is my favourite waterfall on Madeira because it's located off the beaten path, far from any trails. Getting to it is quite quick, taking roughly 15 minutes of walking on a moderately difficult trail. You won't see too many tourists there because it's a place chosen only by the adventurous ones. This impressive waterfall, like any other waterfall on Madeira, is at its best after a few rainy days, but Rabo do Burro seems to be active all year round.

Angels Waterfall on Madeira

Not without reason, the Waterfall of Angels has become one of the most visited waterfalls on Madeira. I must admit, it's quite unique to see a cascade of water dropping directly onto the road, and even rarer to witness people driving their cars underneath for a free car wash. Angels Waterfall has become a symbol of Madeira, and many visitors who come to the island plan to visit this waterfall. Because of that, you can expect to always see some other tourists on the location, especially during sunset when the light for photography is the best.

Levada Nova Waterfall on Madeira

This amazing waterfall is curved in the stone wall with a trail going behind it. We hiked this levada during a dry period, but the waterfall was still very impressive, and walking behind its cascade was something very unique and incredibly fun.

Caldeirão Verde Waterfall

The Calderião Verde waterfall at the end of the popular PR9 trail is surely one of the most impressive waterfalls on Madeira. It takes around 3 hours to get there, but seeing a waterfall like this one at the end of your hike is very rewarding. I think the Levada Caldeirão Verde is the most interesting levada walk on Madeira Island, and it's definitely worth doing it when you're here.

Risco Waterfall on Madeira

Risco is one of the tallest waterfalls on Madeira. You can find it at the end of the popular hike, Levada 25 Fontes. The upper part is called Lagoa do Vento, and you can get there by following Levada do Alecrim and walking down the steep stairs to the lagoon where you can swim. Risco itself is possible to be seen from a viewing platform beneath it.

Levada 25 Fontes Waterfall

The 25 Fontes waterfall is found at the end of the well-known levada called with the same name. It's a lovely little waterfall that flows into a small lagoon where you might spot some tourists swimming. But don't get too excited to jump in because the water is freezing cold. However, it's still a unique experience to swim beneath a waterfall when you get the chance for it.

Folhadal Waterfall on Madeira

Another very tall and impressive waterfall in Madeira. It's not often directly visited because to reach it, you'll first have to hike a few kilometers of the PR 17 trail - Caminho do Pináculo e Folhadal. Even if you're hiking this trail, it's very easy to miss since it's located a bit off the main path.

Véu da Noiva Waterfall on Madeira

Differently to other waterfalls on this list, this one is possible to watch only from a viewpoint or from a beautiful black sand beach in Seixal as this waterfall is just next to it.

Agua d'Alto Waterfall on Madeira

Agua d'Alto is one of the most easily accessible waterfalls on the list. The short 10-minute hike up a levada feels like cheating when you end up under such an impressive waterfall. Unfortunately, Agua d'Alto only flows after some rain, but when it's flowing, it's truly something impressive to see.

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Madeira is such an amazing place to visit, and we still can't believe we've been able to call it home for the past two years. During our stay, we explored all the best spots on the island and tried all the most exciting activities, many of them more than once! This helped us create these comprehensive guides that will help you plan your own trip to Madeira.

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