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Madeira Photographer's Itinerary

The Madeira Photographer's Itinerary is your ultimate guide to capturing the island’s breathtaking beauty, tailored for photographers of all levels. Whether you're wondering how far along PR1 the Stairway to Heaven is, debating if Ponta do São Lourenço is better for sunrise or sunset, or seeking the best time to catch fog in Fanal Forest, our itinerary has the answers.


This itinerary is precisely crafted to ensure you photograph Madeira’s most stunning locations at the perfect times of day, minimizing the risk of getting lost or missing out on unique shots.


Recognizing Madeira's unpredictable weather, we’ve created seven different scenarios to adapt your plans according to the conditions you encounter. Some day trips are more challenging, while others offer a relaxed pace, all aimed at maximizing your photographic opportunities. We understand that as photographers, we prioritize capturing the moment over rest!


This product is a PDF document and because of its digital nature, it can't be returned.

Madeira Photographer's Itinerary

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    (E-Book) Madeira for Photographers and Travellers

    "Your book is terrific! Much better than the other guide I bought. Thank you! One of the main reasons to purchase your book is to travel efficiently and avoid unnecessary hikes, especially the PR1 hike. 

    Your book is highly beneficial: it provides precisely the information I am looking for, and they are more difficult to find or require much effort to find from the web. Personally, if a book can save me on photo shoot session time, it will be worth everything I paid."

    David, USA

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