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Santorini Photo Guide - Top Photography Locations in Oia

If you're reading about the Santorini Photo Guide, I don't have to introduce this island to you. I'll just say briefly, that it's a unique and very photogenic place. It's a heaven for photographers from all around the world but it can quickly become their nightmare, because it's very difficult to be creative and innovative in a place which was already photographed from top to bottom.

When is the best time to visit Santorini?

If possible, avoid the peak season (July and August). It's the time when the Island is over visited by crowds of tourists. The streets of Oia are full of people and it's nearly impossible to have a peak over a shoulder on its famous sunset. Locals say that May and September are the best months to visit Santorini.

Where to stay in Santorini and how to get around?

Santorini isn't just Oia and its unique architecture. Other cities are also gaining more attention from photographers each year. A good example is Imerovigli and its already famous landscapes and views. Unfortunately, these two visually most attractive cities are also the most expensive, so if you're a budget traveler, you will find a better value for your money on the East side of the Island, like Kamari. Transportation on the island is well developed and you can get anywhere in 30 minutes, by taking the local bus. All the most iconic spots are just a walking distance apart. Besides the famous Oia, you should also visit a neighbor village - Imerovigli.

What to see in Oia, Santorini

We planned this trip ourselves and we would do it again. For the first day the best option is to stay in the closest place to the airport. For us, it was Kamari. While waiting for your check-in, leave your luggage at the front desk and head down to the beach. The East side of the island is famous for its beaches and salty South Aegean Sea.

Next day you can take a bus to Fira and from there one to Oia. Spend the evening looking for all the photo spots which you're planning to visit next morning. Oia is a small town but its streets with dozens of dead ends can become a real maze to a newcomer. Don't take a tripod with you. In the very morning you will find out, that the only people awake are professional photographers, waiting kindly in lines to get their shot. Ask them to take a photo of you and don't hesitate if someone ask you to photograph them back.

The Three Blue Domes Church in Oia

This is the most popular place on the island. Be ready to be there very early to surpass everyone else. This church has two famous angles, from the small paths on its sides. Although, they're both connected with the main path, they aren't connected with each other. To find the first angle spot, from the main road, turn to a small path behind a church (type "church Oia" and you'll find it on the map). The path is blocked with a rope, if you see it, you're in the right place.

When you're done with your photos, turn right on your way back to the Main Street to see equally famous bell towers.

To find the second angle spot type "The Bubble Suite" in Google maps and after getting there take the turn to the road just in front of it. You'll see a small grey fence on the left (and probably a lot of people), that's where it is.

If you still have some time, go to the path just before the fence to find this awesome viewpoint. It wasn't popular when we were there but it's worth at least one picture.

Remember, the church is a religious place and you should respect it, doesn't matter how much religious you are.

You'll see many people climbing on the church's roof to take a photo next to the cross. It's a wrong thing to do. Before doing something like this, think if you really want to promote this kind of behavior on your social media.

Also, you should know that many of the roads which you'll pass while looking for your photo spots are private. Whenever you have to pass through a private road or a balcony, be respectful. Whenever it's possible, do it early in the morning and remain minimum noise.

Kastro Oia House

It's an outstanding hotel just in front of the Castle Viewpoint. You can easily get there just by typing its name in maps. I found out, that the best angle was the one from a staircase just in front of the hotel. After checking few different lenses, I felt that the 35 millimeter fits the best.

Oia Castle

Easy accessible and easy to find (just type its name), but also very popular. For the first time, I visited this place during sunset. After seeing the spectacle on the sky I understood, that I have to come there again. And I did so in the very next morning, that's when we took these amazing photographs.

Windmill Viewpoint

There are many good angles around the windmill viewpoint in Oia, but those I found are the most amusing and you can see them on our photos. They are in the area of Charisma Suits. To not disturb the guest or the staff, we decided to go there as early as it was possible. That's where we took these stunning pics!

Chapel at the park

This is a perfect place to get creative with shapes and colors. It's one of favorite spots for Wedding Photographers in Oia.

You can find this Chapel just in front of the Nocturna Cafe.

I hope you enjoyed this guide on my favorite photo spots in Santorini. This island is definitely one of the most unique places I’ve ever visited.

If Santorini isn't yet on your bucket list, I'm sure it will be now!



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