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Heys Luggage: The Zen Collection on Madeira Island

Multimedia campaign for the launch of Heys' newest suitcase collection called Zen. We've put these suitcases in a clean and simple environment to make them really stand out and give you that calm Zen feeling. We believe you don't have to go into the wild to feel Zen; you can have it anywhere, just like with Heys suitcases. Join us in discovering the simplicity, peace, and style of traveling with Heys Zen collection.

Directed by Maria Kru

Photography and Film: Karol Kru
Post Production: Picture the World

Talents: Alicia Lewington, Andrea Oña


✔️ 20 Lifestyle Photographs

✔️ 2 Showreels

✔️ 20 Second Teaser


  • Photography

  • Cinematography

  • Scripting

  • Creative Direction

  • Model Casting/Wardrobe/Styling/Management

  • Editing

  • Photo retouching

  • Music sourcing and licensing

  • Off site scouting, logistics, and locations. 

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