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Heys Luggage: The Xero Elite 2.0 Collection in Vietnam

Step into the future of travel with Heys Xero Lite 2.0—the world's lightest suitcase. Shot in Vietnam's trendiest neighbourhood, the project captures the suitcase's modern design and light weight.

Heys Xero Lite 2.0's feather-light convenience as it effortlessly glides through urban landscapes. Our visuals showcase its sleek aesthetics against the vibrant backdrop of Vietnam, evoking a vacation feel that inspires wanderlust.

In every frame, discover the perfect fusion of innovation and style, highlighting the suitcase's practicality and elegance. Join us on a short, impactful journey that redefines travel, where the Heys Xero Lite 2.0 isn't just luggage—it's a symbol of freedom and mobility.

Directed by Maria Kru

Photography and Film: Karol Kru
Post Production: Picture the World

Talents: Tuyet Mai Truong, Đình Long


✔️ 20 Lifestyle Photographs

✔️ 2 Showreels

✔️ 20 Second Teaser


  • Photography

  • Cinematography

  • Scripting

  • Creative Direction

  • Model Casting/Wardrobe/Styling/Management

  • Editing

  • Photo retouching

  • Music sourcing and licensing

  • Off site scouting, logistics, and locations. 

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